Make Aid Transparent campaign


Why Make Aid Transparent? 
Aid makes a real difference. It can save lives, put kids into school, and reduce poverty and suffering. But at the moment no one knows exactly how much money is being spent, where or on what. In most cases, not even governments receiving aid have a full picture of where all the money goes. This undermines aid’s potential and its effectiveness. With more information, citizens in both donor and recipient countries could know whether aid money was having the best possible impact.

2011 is a critical moment. Governments have promised to be more transparent and at a big international meeting at the end of this year we have the chance to hold them to account. A public push for greater transparency now will make a huge difference. Governments are reviewing their commitments and if they feel public pressure they will redouble efforts to keep their promises.

As citizens we have a right to know how aid money is being spent. So please sign the petition calling on governments to make their aid transparent now. At a time when public budgets are under pressure and the effectiveness of international aid is being scrutinised, increased transparency is an easy win that could deliver a huge boost to poverty reduction, without needing more money.

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