Local Transparency Initiative
This initiative aims to build informed and empowered Civil Society at the local level (at this stage in 2 districts) in order to strongly advocate for transparency at local governance.
Global South Advocacy Initiative
Advocacy for the equal participation of the global south in global decision making is foremost priority of Global South Initiative. To achieve this goal, GSI has been echoed unheard voices of the region in different high level policy forums such as G8 Summits, G20 Summits, BRICS Summits, UN conferences, other important international and regional events. GSI has submitted several policy recommendations, intervened in different decision making events, and expanding collaboration with other regional and global organizations/networks to accelerate the impacts of global advocacy
Nepal Accountability Index Report
Work on progress, will be released in December 2013.
Bridge the Divides
GSI is promoting people-to-people relations between global south and global north. It is also bringing people together, encouraging social cohesion and building networks among them. By which we can bridge the cultural gaps and promote the harmony among the people of global south-north.
Nepal Development Effectiveness Initiative
This is a multi-year project which demands greater effectiveness in both governmental and non-governmental development projects. Nepal has one of the lowest levels of development effectiveness.
Climate Justice
GSI in partnership with other leading environmental organizations running a campaign for climate justice. By intervening at government’s response and other high level policy meetings on climate change and organizing different campaigns at local to global level, GSI has been tirelessly advocating for the climate justice especially in the global south.
Dignity for All
Dignity for All addresses the lack of menstrual hygiene and returns dignity to women in remote Western Nepal. With the goal to educate and empower Nepali women, Dignity for All hosts sessions that educate women on menstrual hygiene, reproductive and sexual health. We campaign to fight against traditional misconceptions and discriminatory actions associated with menstruation, such as communities ostracizing females to isolated areas during their periods, which forces girls to miss school and forcing women to miss work. Dignity for All has distributed reusable sanitary pads to over 500 poor and needy girls and women in western Nepal.
Food Security
It is shameful but bitter reality is that people are dying of hunger and poverty in the global south. Food security is one of the major challenges of our generation. GSI is working to mitigate the blockades behind it through campaigning and advocacy as well as started initiation for up gradation people’s livelihoods in the western Nepal
Transparent Election
Nepal is holding the Constituent Assembly election in 2013 for the second time. GSI will be monitoring election as well as campaign for the fair and transparent election.
Financial Transaction Tax (FTT)
Global South Initiative has been campaigning and advocating for Financial Transaction Taxes as a country partner of Global FTTs Campaign since 2010. GSI will be leading FTTs campaigns and advocacy in Nepal in 2013 and beyond.
Participatory Development Initiative
This initiative seeks to involve local populations in development projects. GSI has been engaging local populations in the development process to ensure development projects more sustainable and successful. We are promoting participatory, pro-poor and environment friendly sustainable development through advocacy, campaigning, community awareness and social mobilization.
Transparent Election
Nepal is holding the Constituent Assembly election in 2013 for the second time. GSI will be monitoring election as well as campaign for the fair and transparent election.